From “Differently Abled” a blog by Tucker Salovaara, September 2015

Thomas Naro

This past weekend I went to my favorite place on earth, SFAH. I spent my childhood there with my friends from school from 2001-2011. These were my favorite times getting ready for every summer to go there and have my summer to remember. 

When I aged out of SFAH, I was heartbroken. When the camp invited me to the first mini session after graduation, it was the greatest time of my life because it made me realize that SFAH will never leave me. Even though I aged out, I am a part of the greatest camp ever for people who are physically challenged. 

This past weekend when I got to camp, it felt like I was back at my first year where I was 8 years old and having the time of my life. It felt like I did not have a disability, but an ability. No matter what, SFAH will be my home away from home for life because when you first step on the grounds you feel like a butterfly who grabs you and takes you to a fantasy land that no one can judge you for what you are. 

If you are physically challenge and you are not 18 yet, I recommend you to check out SFAH because this camp will change you forever.